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Serving Northern New Jersey including:
Essex, Union, Passaic and Bergen Counties

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General Contractor Services

Project Management:

From start to finish, we provide a “one stop shopping” resource for your project. We will bring in the right people for your project, oversee the day-to-day operations, time-manage the sub-contractors and arrange inspections with township officials. We will work with your architect during the project should they need to be called in, will establish a budget, and communicate with you every step of the way.

Project “Take over”:

There are times where we are called in to take over a project in progress. It could be a situation where the original contractor could not complete the project, ran out of money, customer fired contractor, non-code compliance, no permits, stop work order, etc.

We will come in, asses the entire situation, discuss your options, and make everything right even if it involves re-doing major portions of the job. We will work with township officials to understand what they discovered, discuss what we will do, and arrange appointments for re-inspections. We will discuss budgetary concerns and work with you to come up with a solution to complete the project properly and be in compliance with building codes.

Multiple projects:

There are times where a General Contractor is needed to oversee multiple projects on the same worksite or multiple projects on different sites for the same client. We will work with you and discuss the different nuances of a large-scale project. We will work to achieve an attainable time line for your project, and break them down into different phases, assuring that the project happens in a consecutive order to help maximize worker-efficiency and reduce chances of cost overruns.

Our Additional Services: